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Ramsés Mejía

RAMSÉS MEJÍA, was born in 1993 in La Romana, Dominican Republic. He is a visual artist, photographer and designer. He has experimented with a wide range of disciplines such as photography, collage, drawing, digital illustration, video and sound. A prolific and versatile artist, he lives in a continuous process of research, creation and evolution. Many of his works have created interesting debates and discussions among his circle of friends, family and clients.

From the lat. insŭla ‘island’, ‘isolated house’. formal portion of land that is surrounded by water everywhere.

The experience can be contradictory, sometimes I can feel cloistered and sometimes in total freedom, sometimes fed up with the loneliness that others yearn for and sometimes rejoiced by the opportunity for introspection that insularity allows.

“We lock up in a name the groups of islands (ex. archipelago of the antilles) but each one has its own idiosyncrasy, likewise, man is an island. we live in communities and they label us as a whole but thought and character inexorably define us”.

Ramses, makes a series of compositions in ink on paper, conceptually representing the unique organic forms that characterize the islands, atolls and continental masses and the space between them or the same as for us represents the living space, the flow of ocean currents or energy or vibrate between beings and things (negative space? superundare).
In the context, the current forms of islands and continents are the product of centuries and centuries of geological activity and erosion caused by the oceans and climate; on an extraterrestrial level, planets, galaxies, asteroids and other celestial bodies are affected by gravitational forces. In fact, everything is a constant evolution and derivation. All of the above summarizes your interest in this particular subject as your creative statement.

“AXIOMA SUPERUNDARE” THE NAME OF THIS WORK BODY AND THE WORK OF ART CENTER comes from Axioma a proposition so clear and evident that it is admitted without demonstration or each one of the fundamental and indemonstrable principles on which a theory is built. Superundare is the late Latin form of the word “Surround” which means to overflow or to abound.